About Us

The CatManPeople website is a professional networking service that allows members to create unique professional profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new contacts. It has been designed for all people from retail management industry, with a focus on category management and related-field professionals.

The service is provided by CatManPeople s.r.o., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Slovakia.

The basic membership is free of charge for all standard users. These are mostly employees of retailers and of companies related to retail industry, mainly retail suppliers.

The membership is normally not free of charge for employees of recruitment agencies, nor of certain other types of companies, such as category management products/services providers, market research companies, advertisers, etc. There are also specific rules in place for such members, in order to protect other members privacy. These rules are part of the terms and conditions of this web site.

The web site has started as an idea to break some communication and co-operation barriers, e.g. in ideas and best practice sharing, in a professional life of retail management professionals worldwide.

We hope you will enjoy the site, and that you will like our efforts of bringing the 'CatMan' (category management) related community together.

We also hope that this web site will:

- make your work life easier

- keep you in the loop on what's happening in the retail business and with people that work in it

- help you to find some different/improved ways of working

- give you instant answers to any of your quick questions

- help you to find new opportunities that you may be looking for (e.g. some great job offers which should also be part of this web site)

If you have any other questions, please refer to terms & conditions, privacy policy or FAQ section. In case you won't find answers on your questions there, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@catmanpeople.com and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.