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Green is the New Black or How Companies Can Use Rebelling Against Black Friday to Their Advantage.

Black Friday is the embodiment of peak consumerism, rash decision-making and in general, the buying of items that a person does not actually need. However, many companies are distancing themselves from these practices for environmental reasons, such as wanting to combat the climate crisis, wanting to reduce consumption and protecting the planet.

For example, Deciem, a make-up company, chose an interesting marketing tactics that contributes to reduction of hasty purchases of wasteful amounts of products. Their 23% discount on products in both their online store and retail store lasts for throughout entirety of November, so consumers no longer need to frantically rush into utilising the discount. Deciem believe in the value of their merchandise and follow principles which people consider to be generally good. That is how they managed to combine business and financial success with meaningful societal change.

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