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Tesco Will Be Selling “Ugly” Potatoes To Help Farmers Affected By Floods

This news was announced by Tesco after negotiations with supplier Branston. Tesco hopes to help farmers from East England (Lincolnshire, Norfolk and parts of Yorkshire) who have been affected by the floods. The floods have affected the quantity and appearance of the crop. Commercial director of Branston, Richard Clark, said that this year’s floods have significantly decreased and delayed this year’s harvest and in some cases, even resulted in losing half the crop. The company thus came up with the brilliant idea of marking the packets of potatoes with a special blue sticker which will inform customers about the recent flooding. Customers can choose to help by buying them and feel good about it. 


Based on Tesco’s announcement, the company cares about local farmers, as well as making sure that their customers do not feel the effects of the shortages. This is the second year British farmers have been affected by poor weather. Tesco sources about 60% of their premium quality potatoes from East England. Other retailers could be inspired by Tesco and follow suit by supporting local produce. Find out here:

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