According to the results of the research into the top products of 2019, the CocaCola and Pepsi companies are ranking high, but consumption of chocolate and distillates has also increased. This has confirmed the trend of the growing consumption of carbonate
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This news was announced by Tesco after negotiations with supplier Branston. Tesco hopes to help farmers from East England (Lincolnshire, Norfolk and parts of Yorkshire) who have been affected by the floods. The floods have affected the quantity and appeara
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Amazon delivers a big upset to the American logistics sector. As of August 2019, Amazon had delivered 46% of American packages bought through e-commerce using Amazon Logistics, becoming a real threat to UPS and FedEx, which may be overtaken in terms of shi
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Black Friday is the embodiment of peak consumerism, rash decision-making and in general, the buying of items that a person does not actually need. However, many companies are distancing themselves from these practices for environmental reasons, such as wan
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