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The Top Products of 2019

According to the results of the research into the top products of 2019, the CocaCola and Pepsi companies are ranking high, but consumption of chocolate and distillates has also increased. This has confirmed the trend of the growing consumption of carbonated drinks, alcohol and chocolates. However, the positive side is that giants of the food industry are investing in variants containing less sugar.


Despite the sugar tax, CocaCola and its rival company Pepsi rank among the fastest growing brands of the year. Despite selling 41.5 billion litres less of its classic Cola, CocaCola has made 24.4 million GBP thanks to the tax. The company grew by 6.3% (+80.1 million GBP). The other recipient of taxation for nonalcoholic beverages, Pepsi had a smaller profit than CocaCola, 52.2 million GBP (9.8% growth). In the world of spirits, only one thing sells more than gin, that being pink gin. Due to this flavoured version, Gordon’s sales have grown by 59.0% (+52.6 million GBP). Britain’s best-selling chocolate brand Cadbury Dairy Milk saw a growth of 8.9% which presents a revenue of 46.4 million GBP. The company invested in variants of product with less sugar content and higher cocoa content. The fifth highest growing company is the energy drink maker Red Bull, which has grown by 12.7% (+42.2 million GBP). Find out here:

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